The building occupying the left half of the above block of buildings was known after 1884 as the home of the Women's Educational
and Industrial Union, organized and headed by Harriet Townsend. In 1916, after the WEIU ceased to exist, the building was offered
to the Univeristy of Buffalo with the condition that $100,000 had to be raised within the year. Grace Millard Knox, widow of Seymour
H. Knox, was the major donor in this challenge. The building, renamed Townsend Hall in honor of Harriet Townsend, was turned over
to the University of Buffalo for use as the first home of its new College of Arts & Sciences. When the University constructed new
buildings on its Main Street campus in the 1920's to house the College, UB continued to use the building as its Millard Fillmore
College evening division. The building was sold in 1954.


The City Court Building, center right above, was constructed 1971-1974 on the block formerly occupied by Townsend Hall.


Detail of the WEIU/Townsend Hall. The name "Townsend Hall" was retained by UB and was applied to a building on the
University of Buffalo's Main Street campus when UB moved the Millard Fillmore College from downtown Buffalo.

Note: Harriet Townsend's name still remains on a building on the University at Buffalo South Campus (now part of the SUNY
system), but it is not actively used because of structural and other code problems. Grace M. Knox's name continues
to be remembered; a lecture hall on the UB North Campus is named for her.

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